Sneak peek into an estranged world. Cheers!

Deaf ≠stupid

I got to meet a friend’s sister for the first time, unfortunately never hearing about her before made it embarrassing for me 2 minutes in; she is deaf; which I figured out after a long awkward monologue; but it’s ok, she just laughed at me, then picked up a pen and paper so we could chat.

L.S is, I think, the most interesting person I ever met as of late, she’s cheerful, full of life, full of jokes, and happy.

She met her husband during her studies in France where it was easier for her to learn through sign classes. They shared a couple of classes, many meals, and a love for children, so getting married was an obvious next step for both of them.

L.S and M.S have 3 children now; a beautiful girl and two boys, ages 10, 6, and 5; the three of them with no hearing problems, full of life, helping and caring.

So why share with you this story? Because of the jokes and the good times they went through a couple of times. Not being able to hear or speak made it hard for the deaf couple to book with travel agencies, so their daughter, being the eldest at the time (7 years old), would take care of the conversation, which went like this:

– Hello, this is X travel agency how may I help you?
– Hello, I would like to book two tickets to Y, with a room in Z hotel for the 27th of XX.
– Excuse me but how old are you?
– 7 years old
– I’m so sorry, I cannot help you, can I speak to your mother?
– I am my mother!
– May I speak to your mother please? Is she around?
– I am speaking for my mother, I’m lending her my voice.
– Is your father around?
– Yes he is right in front of me with my mother.
– You are speaking to them, I’m just answering in their place.
– Why won’t they answer me instead?
– They’re deaf
– Oooooooooohhhh
– So now can you help me with the booking?
– Of course…

Most of the conversation was just the 7 year old with the travel agent, without any hints from the parents; she just knew what had to be said.
Unfortunately when you look at different people, you notice they tend to differentiate between deaf and non-deaf people as if they were retarded or need help.
I found this article that’s quite an eye opener. And this video that I can’t stop watching, which show that they are just the same, should be loved and respected just the same, and treated like any other human being.

L.S you are an inspiration, but I doubt I’ll sleep over again, the bed shaking when the alarm rings and all the lights going on and off all around the house when the doorbell rings is too scary for my poor sleep pattern.


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