Sneak peek into an estranged world. Cheers!

A Christmas feel

Pretty amazing how the first of December suddenly becomes key-word to Christmas gift shopping, carols and songs being played all over the radio and decoration filling out our living rooms.

Living in Lebanon, a nation where many religions collide, we get the most vacations ever (I’m serious, at least a day or two for each holiday), whether it be Ashoura, Adha, Christmas, Easter, etc. It is through these holidays that you see the people finally unite so all will be able to get enough holidays.

Arab countries in general only take Islamic holidays (Saudi, UAE, Dubai etc), European countries follow the Christian holidays, while American (I’m not positive about this one but friends living there mentioned it a couple of times, so please correct me if I’m wrong) follow Christian and Jewish holidays.

Add them all together they will amount to nearly 15 days a year, seeing that we join all cultures and religions in one state, we get a month off for holidays a year, and still find a way to nag about not getting enough days off work.

So for those that haven’t bought their gifts yet, they better hurry, as for me, I already got them a couple of month ago to save myself from the price raises due to the holidays. 21 days left. Good luck!

On a nicer note, here is a video of the 7 best light-shows spread all over the world, unfortunately making it impossible for Lebanon to join because of our electricity cuts and living in apartment buildings not houses.

Pre-Merry Christmas to all


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