Sneak peek into an estranged world. Cheers!

About me

I’m just a simple lebanese woman that decided to share my experiences from Lebanon, whether they be environmental, cultural, or too random to even categorize.
Hope you have a pleasant read. With one rule: no politics whatsoever.

In case I have offended anyone in any of my posts please send me an E-mail to or a comment to be able to correct it.

Meanwhile cheers and enjoy!

P.S: my auto correct sometimes hates me, so excuse any mistakes from its part, it means no harm.


Comments on: "About me" (4)

  1. Hey thank you for dropping by my blog and the nice comment-
    Very likely to be back in Beirut at some stage-lets try and keep in touch, I noticed you have no name or email etc on this blog so fee free to drop me a mail or message elsewhere-I am easy to find via my blog or website etc

  2. So glad you got back to me, unfortunately I prefer my actual name be unknown on my blog, you never know who might be reading it; living here you get that fear sometimes. But here is my e-mail, will definitely be in touch when/if you pass by beirut once more.
    cheers and hope to hear more of you.

  3. theblackandolivechronicles said:

    I nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Bog Award’. If you’d like to accept and participate, check out the post on my blog. If not, you’re welcome anyway!

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