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Happy 2014 Lebanon!

Here’s a funny/interesting post to begin this 2014 new year in Lebanon.

We all partied, most of us probably wont remember what happened the past couple of days; I for one have blank spots, but I’m proud to say I remember 90% of the festivities.

The interesting part of NYE 2013/2014 is listening to the news on the 1st and 2nd January. As most of you already know, people in Lebanon like to express their joy sometimes in firing guns in the air, whether it be a birth, a wedding, or in this case the welcoming of a new year.

So this New Year we heard of 1 person being killed and 4 injured during the “fireworks” lebanese style.

I’m not sure how to react to this, but Hey! what else can I say, I hope next year the lebanese will switch to actual fireworks!

Cheers and Many Blessings for the coming years.


“Goodmorning” lebanon!

Now I sure some of you might be surprised at that post today, but today should have been a good day, which is why I say goodmorning!

Today marks for most of us the last day of work for the year before heading out to the villages or preparing our homes or our plans for a happy happy new year.

Most Lebanese are out shopping, swearing at traffic, wiggling their way around to make sure they end this year 2013 in style and welcome a new year full of joy and happiness.

But as I notice we, as a country, as Lebanese, still dream big; we dream for peace and safety…

And this is what we get

Even Lebanese and non Lebanese living abroad get injured


I’m not taking about physical injuries of course, I’m also taking about mental and emotional; we as a country have learnt to be thankful for surviving explosions instead of being thankful to the Trust, love and prosperity that we’re supposed to wish for.

And still, someone keeps dividing us, destroying our Trust in each other.

Media and crowds run to assumptions, blame parties, and forget to mourn for those whose life was destroyed in a blink of an eye; 5 dead and 70 injured in the polls today.

Will our history ever stop repeating itself? No one knows. But I still have hope.


So goodmorning to all, and hope that 2014 brings with it some safer days with less tears and more laughter.


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