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The day I was not caught cheating

So here’s an interesting episode that happened to me last week; it was kinda scary to say the least, but opened my eyes to how low a person’s self-esteem can be.

I’ve got this friend who’s a bartender; usually opens up the place around 5pm, but that day I felt like having an early drink with him; now even though the pub next to his place was open, I didn’t exactly feel like joining in with strangers when I needed a bartender that knew my mood swings and a good listener, so I messaged him sending a good morning then waiting for a response, which is what normal people do, now the conversation didn’t go exactly as I had planned it when I saw the response, and noticed that it wasn’t D that answered, but his current girlfriend (whom I didn’t know at the time who she was).


Later on he calls me excusing his girlfriend’s behavior and opening up the pub so I could join. Of course since it was still around 4pm, I had to help out clean up the place so it’d be ready for opening hour, while having a beer with him (normal, I’m a customer, but also a friend), chatting about how our new year’s eve party went and sharing interesting stories about random customers and people at work.

A friend of mine joined a bit later, right when we had finished up cleaning and went for a cigarette, even though the place was still closed, both of us being good friends with him he let us sit down for our beer and enjoy it before the crowds joined.

And that’s when I heard someone at the door behind us, I couldn’t exactly see who it was since I had my back turned but I heard some harsh whispering between D and someone, whom my friend a couple of minutes later recognized as the waitress that used to work here a couple of months ago. As I was turning around to tell her we missed her around here (her having been our waitress for 2 years, and having been the origin of us picking this place as a hangout), when she stormed in and started calling me so many names, mainly aggressively and verbally attacking me for sleeping with her boyfriend. And that’s when it hit me, she’s the girlfriend!

By that time people had started walking by the place and watching the huge scene from afar, throwing me angry glances of disapproval and disrespect, judging the situation from their point of view, while all I could do; all the while trying to stay as polite as possible; was to stare her in the eyes repetitively telling her I had no idea what she was talking about, then giving up, turning my back, and try to drown out the screaming while sipping my beer (which was extremely hard to do, I honestly just felt like getting up and slapping her across the face to get her to reason correctly – but that would have been extremely impolite). Until she finally left, leaving a sense of disorientation, awkwardness, and a feeling of disgust.

I later decided to relate this incident on Facebook, which got me some interesting comments, while others were quite useless; but most people saw what I didn’t when it had happened, she is simply overly insecure.


Now she did raise a good point during her monologue, which was why did her boyfriend have my number while she never had it. I could’ve easily told her that it’s because a couple of my posts were about him, so I could send it to him before publishing for feedback, but then that would have sparked some more questions; which I didn’t feel like getting into, but she never taught me or told me or even done anything much interesting for me to relate in my blog; and saying that out loud could’ve broken her self-esteem even more.

So now here I am trying desperately to find a way to stop this insanity by avoiding my favorite pub, just so as not to run into her and spark even more questions and harsh words. Which shouldn’t be the case, especially since nothing ever happened (or ever will for that matter) between me and her boyfriend, I am a customer, as well as a friend, I believe I’m mature enough to be able to see and respect these limits and boundaries, the same way I do in my workspace.

So what can I say in that case? If I try and talk to her, she’ll think I’m covering something up, and if I avoid the place, it’ll be a point proven for her that she “caught us” in the act of cheating.

It’s hard to see the different perspectives when being an outsider, but having been on the inside of it and having been screamed at, judged nastily, and named all names; my ego has actually started wishing I had done something instead of getting blamed for just being there at the wrong time at the wrong place.


It’s all about the bar

Here is a useless post but still fun to read.

Point 1: what is the strangest things you’ve found in a bar? The best object I found was this kinder surprise game:

Point 2: bartenders teach us the best drinking tricks to use during Oktober fest: how to shug a beer in 5 seconds:

– First find a bending straw

– Place the straw through the beer bottle

– Bend the other side upwards

– Shug it all in

Point 3: drinking tricks: you’re broke but still want to manage to get a few free shots? Easy! Go to the closest bar where few people are sitting at the bar, offer them to play a game, looser buys a shot to the winner (beware, some people might know the tricks)

– Adding a line: here is the equation: 4+4=444, add a line to make it equal (it might look real simple now, but people under the influence of alcohol don’t usually go for the obvious), the answer is 444=444

– Coin games: get 4 coins of the same size and put them in this position: gamer has to get them in a straight line by only using 4 moves; rule is, when you move one it should touch 2 others. Here is a video of how to do it.

– Cutting a lemon with a cigarette (I’m not sure where this started, but people say from jail, others say from bartenders, I think in either case it is pretty cool) Here is a cool video I found explaining it (is much better than mine so hey)

Point 4: watching a drunken bartender (you know he’s drunk, you just offered him a couple of shots with you) flipping bottles behind the bar. Most people think its show-off (which it obviously is) but some enjoy watching it while others get annoyed by it. Those who get annoyed are probably the ones waiting for their drinks that have been delayed due to the show. But here is my question to you: have you ever been able to do what they can? I’ve tried countless times, and can barely save a bottle or two from crashing to the ground. It is an art! Watch bartender Diego flipping and flaring.

Point 5: drinking alone will never be drinking alone if you’re sitting at the bar; bartenders will make sure to give time to listen to you, joke around and share some interesting stuff to keep you from drowning.

Point 6: bartenders are sometimes hot!

Point 7: reading stuff about bartenders and bars makes you feel like having a beer right now (which I will probably do as soon as I publish this post)

Point 8: I’m not sure what it is but bars are the best thing ever!

Point 9: if the glass is on the drafts handle, do not panic! Bottles still exists, you’ll get your supply of beer soon!



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