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Who you talking to?

Am I the only one who, well how do I put it lightly, feel pretty silly when using Bluetooth or earphones during phone calls?
Even watching people using it is way too funny sometimes. Now I’m not saying cellular phones are a bad invention; on the contrary it’s a great one connecting all of us together at the push of a code. But try to imagine you’re back in medieval times and suddenly you see a random guy pick up a rock or an art piece and start having a one way conversation with it. You’d say he’s crazy. We’re all born without any of these technologies but adapt to see them and use them while growing up.
So maybe it’s just the lack of habit that makes it too weird for me, but talking on a cellular phone I got used to, bluetooth headphones, nope still not used to.


Now point being done, let’s add a funny twist to it. People in public areas using earphones or bluetooth. Are you taking to me, are you talking on the phone, are you listening to music, or are you just acting busy so we won’t talk to you?

So here are two videos I’ve seen on YouTube that just made my day, one is a commercial while the other is just annoyingly hilarious:
Keystone light beer- funny commercial/blue tooth, and blue tooth man (where you can find more than one).

If you can’t see the earpiece behind the hair how silly and awkward do you feel when you start replying then realise they are taking on the phone?

I’ve personally been in this position more than once, technology has been developing in such a fast way that it’s hard to keep track of the advancements. Everything to accommodate the human race by making them lazier while alienating them from each other by limiting actual physical and verbal interactions with the people around you.

Him: Hey!
Me: Hey
Him: wait there is someone bugging in on our conversation. To me: do you mind? I’m on the phone!
*him shows me the blue tooth in his ear*
Me: woops! *facepalm*

Starting to get tired of this, the loss of human contacts and it’s development. (Refer to my previous post :bbm vs. whatsapp, to read more).


Pub vs Club toilets

Now I know this might be a weird subject, but I think someone should point it out eventually.
If you’ve ever been to lebanon you would’ve probably seen the difference between the two. As well as the difference between a “fancy” club and a normal one.

Now let’s explain a normal pub’s toilet. Most probably shared, one cubicle, small, and sometimes dark; but these are the best during happy hour since both parties sharing it will be conscious of themselves, and the fact that it is shared. On the other hand, once the party gets rougher, so does the aiming; I would advise to be careful where you put your feet and hands.

A little bigger pub, or more referred to as a bar, where more people can fit usually has 2 cubicles, one for each party; the female side is usually cleaner when it comes to aiming issues, unfortunately as the night develops you might find smells of puke around this area. As for the male’s toilet, the aiming goes from bad to worse, but with a distinct smell of only pee. In this case I’m not sure which is better to use.

Now on to clubs. Big, dark, underground, coke free, but good music to drum your ears kind of club. That’s where toilets are clearly defined and divided. Female cubicles have a huge mirror for makeup and hair checking, where you might find white powder on small shelves and a arm rest to put your phone on while attending to your business. Those are the scary toilets I find. Where you must expect to find anything and everything; from passed out girls to couples having sex, pucking girls and those taking pills or sniffing. As for the male toilets; they are more or less the same, except for the fact that no guy is passed out, but you can hear them endlessly and loudly bragging about everything and nothing; and this is the place to find a fight always starting.

Finally and most importantly, “fancy” club’s toilets. Now those are the most interesting I find, just last night I noticed how fun these are. The female version comes with a hostess, endless mirrors and light, and even free tampons on a shelf. Walking in there was like a trip to a beauty salon, some were fixing their makeup, one even pulled out a can of hair spray out of her tiny purse to fix her hair. Waiting in line for my turn to one of the 9 cubicles, I noticed two weren’t going out, and that’s when I heard the faint sound of polite pucking in classy places, I didn’t even know it could be so silent and ungross (I’m not sure that word even exists but I honestly haveno idea how to explain it exactly) at 2am, but I guess that’s what you learn how to do in such fancy places. Now the male’s toilets are more fun, my friend had to recount for me his experience so I could explain it since security guys stayed at the entrance of each party to make sure only females used their toilets while only males used theirs. I was quite surprised when I heard that aiming was better in their area, but the bragging kept going in more forms of richeness, where the car you were driving, the money you were pouring at the party, and your date’s beauty were more important than the rest.
Now the most important thing in both toilets at fancy places is the fact that your host/hostess will make sure to hand you tissues right after cleaning your hands, or a cotton to fix your makeup, and even hold your hair in cases of solo pucking. Some clubs even had more hostesses to clean up the cubicle as soon as you went out and before the next person would go in to make sure all was good and safe for you to go in.

Now I’m not sure which I’m more comfortable in, but I find it amazing how shared simple small cubicles can make me feel better than show off ones.


Bbm Vs Whatsapp… or the loss of human contacts?

So I have to say, I don’t usually care much about such trivial matters, but this subject has been taking up too much space on my Facebook newsfeed, so therefore have decided to point it out and deal with it accordingly.

Whatsapp versus blackberry messaging: the epic battle of two new titans in today’s lebanese crowd (I wouldn’t say youth since all generations alike have been sparring on the battlefield).

Since Android and Apple have decided to provide their services with bbm, a lot of quarrels have risen. Part of the consumers have decided to re – embrace the bbm services while others decided it would be best to stick around to whatsapp.


At first it started with random people posting their new bb pin as a status, as well as taking screenshots (quite a normal thing is you ask me) on Facebook.
After a week or so other crowds started attacking them with sayings such as: [original] “fle2oona ba3ed bb pins PLZ, instead of evolving you go back in time” (C.A) [translated]: overwhelm us more with bb pins PLEASE”.
Others decided to make jokes out of them:


Which is the Arabic alphabet song (G.K). Even (lebanese) joke sited have joined in the battle of pushing down the spread of bb messaging addiction by posting funny pictures:



Some people’s comments were even judgemental:


I honestly don’t care if you shift back to bbm or stick to whatsapp. Last time I checked we were all born with the right to have our own preferences and make our own choices.

The bigger issue I find is the tele -communication between our peers.  Conversations have evolved a lot during the past years and centuries, they have gone from face to face, to letters being sent out, to land lines; and nowadays I rarely see a person using their phones to actually talk; messaging had taken over our lifestyle wherever we are.

Look around you in restaurants, pubs, clubs, beach, and ski slopes etc.  People are always on their phones, whether it be messaging, talking, or even playing games.



We have forgotten how to talk face to face with each other and grown shy of our thoughts, ideas, and even from sitting alone.


The fake proximity that technology provided us with has been gradually destroying our actual emotions (now replaced with emoticons), reactions (now replaces with Lol, Wtf etc), and the physical proximity of the next of kin which our ancestors have been longing for and craving in the past.

So while you’re all fighting over Bbm vs Whatsapp; this same technology that is supposed to “bring you closer together” has been pushing you further apart right under your nose; but you don’t even see it…


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