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Third world country you say?

The conversation I had last night was a debate between the different cultures and how much each know about the other.

Take for example Lebanon, a country recognised as a third world place, where wars keep raging and bombs going off. Yet have a cultural conversation with any Lebanese, you notice the extend of their knowledge about the others.

On the other hand have a conversation with an American about Lebanon, Europe, or any other country; their knowledge is limited to what the media shows them. 

I’ve got a half Lebanese half Swiss friend that had to travel back to Switzerland to continue her studies. A Swiss person taking the same masters degree as her asked her this simple question:
“what was the hardest part to get used to from moving to Switzerland?”.
Of course my friend being ironic replies:
“wearing shoes, they’re so uncomfortable and hard getting used to”.
To which he reacts by saying:
“Oh my god!of course! But isn’t walking in the desert all the time barefoot burn your heels? If you want I’ll help you out with all the technology such as computers and listening to music… [And on and so forth]“.

This is the funniest part I believe, the fact that this guy who’s supposed to come from a first world country with a history of education not even know the semblance of life people have in other countries. Lebanese teens learn of different cultures and their history throughout school and high school, as well as college; which is not the case for most European or American students that simply learn the history of their own country completely disregarding the others.

Moral of the rambling: I think human kind needs to rethink and reorganise what it means to be culturally intelligent versus economically advanced.


Who you talking to?

Am I the only one who, well how do I put it lightly, feel pretty silly when using Bluetooth or earphones during phone calls?
Even watching people using it is way too funny sometimes. Now I’m not saying cellular phones are a bad invention; on the contrary it’s a great one connecting all of us together at the push of a code. But try to imagine you’re back in medieval times and suddenly you see a random guy pick up a rock or an art piece and start having a one way conversation with it. You’d say he’s crazy. We’re all born without any of these technologies but adapt to see them and use them while growing up.
So maybe it’s just the lack of habit that makes it too weird for me, but talking on a cellular phone I got used to, bluetooth headphones, nope still not used to.


Now point being done, let’s add a funny twist to it. People in public areas using earphones or bluetooth. Are you taking to me, are you talking on the phone, are you listening to music, or are you just acting busy so we won’t talk to you?

So here are two videos I’ve seen on YouTube that just made my day, one is a commercial while the other is just annoyingly hilarious:
Keystone light beer- funny commercial/blue tooth, and blue tooth man (where you can find more than one).

If you can’t see the earpiece behind the hair how silly and awkward do you feel when you start replying then realise they are taking on the phone?

I’ve personally been in this position more than once, technology has been developing in such a fast way that it’s hard to keep track of the advancements. Everything to accommodate the human race by making them lazier while alienating them from each other by limiting actual physical and verbal interactions with the people around you.

Him: Hey!
Me: Hey
Him: wait there is someone bugging in on our conversation. To me: do you mind? I’m on the phone!
*him shows me the blue tooth in his ear*
Me: woops! *facepalm*

Starting to get tired of this, the loss of human contacts and it’s development. (Refer to my previous post :bbm vs. whatsapp, to read more).


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