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I am a cop

So I’ve been asking around this questions to many “darake” aka lebanese cops, you can’t always trust, since most of them never went to school due to the war.
How did you end up here.

Most of them said it was a personal choice, they wanted to keep the law going, keep the people safe.

Now on a side note I want to add something; personally I don’t trust these cops, at all, I respect and follow the army men and women in my life, but they are the ones with an education in respect; cops are mostly the kind of guys that couldn’t make it anywhere else.

Living inside the secured perimeter of a politician, I have to deal with a 30 min search party around and inside my car to be able to go home (imagine me forgetting something at home, it’s hell! !!). So I’ve been meeting a lot of these cops over the years; I’ve been whistled at, called names etc for so long that I forgot how to bother and take up any defences against them. This story reminds me a lot of a previous post I wrote, but what can I do, this is my home.

So I decided to ask these cops the same question, most of them just answered and continued the search party while others wanted to go into details.

How did you end up here?

The most recurrent answer was: “I get respect”. The second being: “I’ve been here for ages, it’s my job”.

Very few of them tried to explain it: “I couldn’t find a job, I have a family to care for, so I’m here”.

But one of them (the most fun guy I must add, always joking around and making me smile) said: “I have no idea, I graduated with 2 degrees, but my father decided I should protect this politician because I owe him my life”.

Needless to say this guy graduated with a bachelor degree in economics and another in pre-med.

So why work in cleaning the bloody hands of a politician instead of living a full life of promises? “My dad ordered me to do it”.

How many lost occasions, how long will this country be subjected to the reasoning of past generations? How long will the new generation with new ideals be brainwashed by a generation full of hatred?

I’m not sure of either of these answers, but I keep hoping that one day all lebanese people will eventually get bored, and decide to lead a life full of promises.

Cheers from the middle of Beirut.


I see civilised people!

Well to tell you honestly I usually say I see dumb people when roaming the streets of lebanon. But today I’m so proud to say they are finally starting to become civilised, though I’m just talking about car traffic, don’t get your hopes up.

Seeing a cop give a ticket to women and men alike when going against traffic in a one way street feels great to watch; unfortunately bikers are still considered as pedestrians in this country; (add to that seeing them driving on the pavement while actual pedestrians walk on the street; considering it’s their road and getting offended when you honk- seriously?).

Now seeing these small positive changes got me even more hyped up when I saw a cop stop a person talking on the phone while driving, and so happy that most of the cops stopped accepting bribing and flirting, Wohooooooooo!

Aaaaaaand is gone. …

Lebanese cop logic: talking on the phone while driving? Nono! It’s illegal you should get a ticket! Vs messaging or checking your Facebook while driving? Yesyes! This is safe driving!
Dear readers I’m not sure if it’s just me but I just can’t seem to grasp the logic behind that statement.

Other than that I can say I’m finally, gladly, seeing a glimpse of a soon to be -hopefully- civilised country.
By starting with yourself others might follow, eventually. But the people who are usually an example to follow, aka cop cars,  unfortunately think they are above this law. So if they don’t do it, why should I? (Lebanese logic)

Man I love this country! (Still)


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