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My Super-Smiling-Hero

A blog post not like the others.

Upon entering college, I joined a group of students from all over campus in sharing our common hobby: playing cards; quatorze, likha, trixx; most games except for gambling (Except for a few individuals)were always played in the upper and lower campus of AUB. You could join in a game during your break by replacing a player that had a class to attend without necessarily knowing your opponents.
This is how I met him, tall skinny handsome guy, quirky glasses, unshaved beard and a smile that enlightened the whole area. R.N joined the table where I was playing.
Me, being a naturally -a bit over the top- curious human being, felt this urge to know his story and his secret to such happiness.
I have to mention I met him during some dark times of my life, where ghosts and skeletons were my everyday companion. So knowing his secret became a must for me.
I slowly became friends with him, chatting over card games and sharing a cigarette during our breaks, taking my time to get to know him, learning his story by bits and pieces before later fitting them into the puzzle of his life.
It took me a full year, if not a bit more to compete this puzzle; and when I did; the painting I had drawn wasn’t what I had expected at all. This man standing in front of me had been through hell and back so many times dark spots were filling the image.
I remember at that point wondering: how could such a man have the energy to smile so much, on a daily basis?
R. Had been through two near death accidents, each causing a head concussion that pulled him between weeks to months in a coma. He had at some point in his life drowned in gambling before finding the strength to swim back to the surface and fight his addictions. He had impaired vision in one eye, his nerves kept ticking, and even had ADD (attention deficit disorder). He was the most joyful, hopeful, optimistic person I have ever met.


Always a smile on his face, whether it be directed to strangers or friends, always a funny comment up his sleeve with (probably) an action or gesture to turn your frown into a full on smile.

R.N left us after Christmas Eve 2011, and with his departure left a gaping hole in my life, as well as his family and all those that admired him for being him.
The year 2013 is almost over, and I must say he taught me well, for the first time of my life I will have kept my new year’s resolution; smile at least once a day, even if you have no reason to or feel like weeping, for you never know who might see you smile, and get contaminated by it. His lesson to me was that all emotions are contagious, if you generate one in public, soon you might notice that people around you will have a smile on their faces too.

I wrote this post to remind myself, as well as those who cared and/or still care for R. To smile. Even superheroes like him have so many reasons to weep, but all the smiling kept them going on and surviving where others would have given up.


Watching football in lebanon… what a feast!

I have to mention, I rarely watch games unless I’m with an interesting crowd of friends; but tonight, I randomly walked into my new favourite pub for a couple of beers before heading to the party. The place is full! I’ve never had trouble finding a place here before tonight, so I simply sat on the bar, behind the hanging TV screen.
Honestly, it’s the first time I have an overview of the crowd watching the game. Trust me, it’s a brand new experience that opened my eyes to a new perception of things, in more ways than one.

[Now I have to do a bit of advertisement for the pub to explain the seating; as well as its understanding and professional bartender Diego. The place is called Moscow Mule -you can figure out the specialty alone- in hamra Street, beirut. It fits on a normal day nearly 30 people in front of the screen, indoors and outdoors; tonight a record had been broken with nearly 50 people more or less]


So back to the game, Barca vs Real Madrid, quite an exciting duo if you ask me, but watching the crowd’s reactions while watching the game is so much more interesting than simply watching the game.  Now the crowd here is mixed between the two teams, but that doesn’t stop them from sitting at the same table, as well as sharing drinks, shots, laughter and excitement.
Unfortunately I’ve never seen that much excitement in a lebanese crowd watching a lebanese team (that is when they do watch the game); but it makes me wonder why can’t we all just get along living and sharing this country like we do during football games; but that’s off topic, so back to watching people watching. I’m loving this phrase

I can feel the tension and excitement, I can hear the crowd holding its breath and sometimes even squeaking (yes even the guys). When you’re away from the crowd, the screen, and watching from the outside; it feels so much more alive. Not knowing exactly why each reaction is overtaking the other at different times is like watching a blind movie where you can’t really see the topic.

Now think about this: A little screen is currently controlling your emotions and reactions, whether it be playing a show, a series, or even a simple movie. I still am amazed when watching any of these fictional characters living these fictional lives, but always controlling us.

Television; what a great, disturbing, mind controlling, fun object of technology. Anything you watch might alter your mood or fit it in more ways than one, but I agree, it’s pretty awesomely addictive sometimes.

There is no real moral or point to that story, I just felt the need to share this experience and hope it might make sense to you as much as it did to me.
In the meantime; Cheers!T.

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