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Valet parking

No words can describe how hilarious this picture is to me. The valet parking sign is completely coincidentally.


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V – day

Open letter to all single people on Valentine’s Day.

You’re not alone and you are loved.

You got your family that loves you and you love back despite the differences cause you got no other choice. (Hey you need someone in your life that can’t shake you off and you can’t ignore, it’s the fun of life).


And you got your friends, whom you chose to love and who have chosen you to be part of their lives.


And of course you got these stalkers that freak you out most of the time but make you feel a bit special knowing someone out there has got the hots for you.


Unfortunately in Lebanon with the assassination of Rafic Hariri on February 14 2005, valentine has been mostly ignored throughout the country; yet as always, we find a way to deal with it rationally so not to miss any holiday.

So to that I say love shouldn’t be shared on February 14 only, but every day, minute, and second all year round.

So happy human bonds day everyone.


A prayer on the side

Today I want to share with you the story of Charbel.

Charbel lives in a small house is bcharre, North of Mount Lebanon, a small village where summers are harsh and winters are worse.

He’s a man with 7 kids, 3 girls and 4 boys, each of these kids working hard day and night to suffice to their family’s needs. My family and I have helped them through school, when they got scholarships to prefect their knowledge.

Charbel is a man who paints houses in summer and works on the ski slopes in winter.

Charbel here lost his summer job to Syrian refugees. They offerthe samepaint job done in less time and more employees, for a cheaper wage.

He says it’s OK, they have a family to care for as well; because of his kind heart he doesn’t blame them, he says they need to feed their families too.

Tonight is Christmas night. So I Want to send out my love and best wishes to Charbel and his family.

May they prosper in peace and love and the best of luck that most of us comfortable in our warm homes might not be worthy of.

Merry Christmas to the Succar family. You’ll always be in my heart, knowing all the life lessons you taught me and the many times you opened my eyes to reality.

Have a drink and a prayer directed to them on this holy night.


Family time

Family reunions, don’t you just hate them sometimes?

I usually enjoy family reunions, seeing all the cousins and family again, sharing stories, and hugs; it always makes you feel good.

Being Lebanese you get used to having a big family, with many cousins, and considering your extended family as part of your close cousins. But being Lebanese also means that most of them don’t live in Lebanon anymore, most travelled to other countries for studies, work, and sometimes for providing a safe-r- environment for their children.

I love family reunions! I’m aware that I just contradicted myself, but I honestly think that there is no way I’ll be able to specify which emotions override the others when it comes to family reunions.

I love seeing my cousins and sharing our different stories, going to parties and crashing at pubs; now yo u won’t know exactly what I’m talking about unless I give you an overview of my family: family = a bunch of extremely different people, many generation gaps, some religious some not, most of them party animals (the kind you’re sometimes ashamed of being seen with publicly, unless you are included in the party animals group). Family = single cousins, married cousins, married with kids cousins, gay cousins, open cousins, and conformist cousins. Family = having all the generations I none area, from the grandparents, to parents, to my generation, to the cousin’s kids’ generation. It is altogether a society of difference living under one family name.

Meet my family! (and good luck with that)

During family reunions you always have different repetitive scenarios: (one way conversations with what I sometimes feel like answering):

1- The older generation: “oh my god how much you’ve grown!” (thanks); did you get into college?!” (you were at my graduation 2 years ago); “how’s work?” “did you get a job? How’s work?” (the usual, it’s work); “you gained a lot of weight! You should start regime/gym” (have you seen yourself?); when will you get married? (oh god why?!!?!); I want you to meet my grandson’s friend, he would be a perfect husband!” (kill me now, please); “why aren’t you eating more? Eat! Eat! If you’re not healthy no one will want you” (didn’t you just say I gained weight?)

2- The uncles and aunts: when will you get married? (oh god why?!!?!); I want you to meet my son’s friend, he would be a perfect husband!” (kill me now, please); “yalla yalla, hurry up we want to see your kids grow, start making babies” (don’t I need to get married first?); how’s the boyfriend/girlfriend? When will we meet him/her?” (why? To scare her/him off or to judge me more?)

3- The cousins: “yooo, let’s get wasted soon!” (okay); “man I got so wasted last night!” (same here); “dude let’s have coffee sometime and catch up” ; “let’s go partay!”; “did you see cousin X’s new look?”; “guess what happened”; etc.

Now the first scenario is the most annoying, being judged by elder generation is the worst family reunions; it’s an endless one way conversation of complaints about what you’re doing, how you look, where you are in your life, and what you’re planning for the future. Though at the same time I enjoy seeing them all, it’s a connection I never want to sever, whatever the risks.

The second scenario is somewhat fun, but also annoying most of the time, they are the ones that believe they have the right to judge you since their kids are your age, but they are doing much better (at least in their opinion) and expect you to be just like them, act one way around family but do whatever you want when with friends (sorry I prefer to stay the same, which sometimes got me the wrath from some uncles and aunts). Some of them are also fun since you’re now old enough to hang with them, listen to their stories, and share a drink. Watching them get wasted is fun too.

The last/third scenario is usually the most interesting one, getting fresh new stories of fu**-ups, random stuff, interesting reads, and of course a good dose of the family gossips. Unfortunately some of these cousins already have kids, so you’ll have to play baby sitter at times as well.

At the end of the day, I can’t help but love them all, even though I hate them most of the time (hate is not the opposite of love, it’s loathing, so they’re safe for now). But dear family, if you are reading this, you should know I still care, cause you’re the only ones that will never let me down.

Cheers to all families around the world.


The ugliest word

Cancer Cancer CANCER cancer CAncer.

Whichever way you write it, I think it will forever stay the ugliest word in a dictionary or encyclopedia.
Being raised in a family with a history of C, in a country where I always hear someone mentioning C, whether it be a friend or a foe; C has become my worst enemy.

If you search the word C on Google, you find this very biological explanation which will take you forever to understand


The way I see it is: pain, loss, immunity deficiency, depression, and death.
That might be a pessimistic opinion, but I hate keeping my hopes up then being deceived, though a couple of family members and friends have overcome it and are currently living a happy life, which will in turn boost my optimism so much more. Believing and expecting the worst will compensate in happiness when proven wrong and will make a negative outcome less depressive.

In the past three weeks I’ve been around 3 people having/knowing someone that’s going through C, and it’s ugly, in all its forms.
This sickness has been spreading all over the world in so little time covering so many age groups and sexes it scares me. It scares me to the bones. But it has become a part of who we are.

A way people have been using to overtake it as a community is by making funding associations, testing new medical advancements, providing help for treatments. The two best known, at least that I have been around are Movember and Pink Ribbon.



As well of course as Children’s Cancer Center.
That unfortunately won’t help these people with overcoming their fears, depressions, agressions, and living normally. You see a person with C and you pity them, or try to help them more than needed, this destroys their self esteem I think, and once recovered makes it hard for them to prove they are still the same person.
I’ve seen personalities change or feel trapped after going through such hell, while some keep fighting to take a stand; so I say keep fighting!

CANCER. You’re ugly.


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