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A blotch of red,
A blotch of orange,
Some red hair on the side…
It’s a ginger at the beach!


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Think of this, couldn’t windshield wipers be invented for glasses?


Kick a ginger day

So as some of you might remember, my best friend is a ginger N.G. and a couple of weeks ago it was kick a ginger day on November 20th.

Personally I found it fun over the years, but then I got to thinking why not make it a hug a ginger day instead?


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First they will feel so loved (Yes N.G I am describing you); growing up I used to always hear these jokes about Gingers, they have no soul, emotions etc; but if we hug them they will know that they are still loved.

Secondly, they do deserve the hugs sometimes, we all do, but if it became official it would be so much better, and we wouldn’t be prone to violence growing up.


So dear readers, what do you think? Should we make history and change for the sake of our Gingers?

(Official hug a ginger day, march 29)
For the official Facebook page click here


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