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Hasroun, a history of architecture in lights

As you well know Christmas is getting closer, so decorations are being put up all around Lebanon, in preparation for the festivities. So as usual, on my drive up from Beirut to the Cedars, I once again passed by the village of Hasroun.


Hasroun village view

It is a small village with small roads and houses glued to each other to help the town people survive the cold days of winter. It is built on the side of the mountain, facing North, which in other words means it only gets a couple of hours of sun a day at an altitude of nearly 1600m (5200ft). Its name comes from the Hasrun flower that used to predominant in the area, giving it its nickname the Rose of the Mountain.

Having the houses so closely interlinked, the villagers came up with one of the most beautiful (in my opinion) Christmas lighting that stay on during all winter, making the village a beautiful show at night.


Glued houses in Hasroun

The decorations are simple, using tube lights, many meters of them, to show and enhance the old architecture of the area, delimiting the roads and houses, as well as all home and shop entrances.

So without extra babbling from my part, here are a few pictures I took last weekend, where I noticed that not only did they put up the same decorations, but they also added colors to this year’s festivities.


Entrance of Hasroun


Balconies of Hasroun


Street view of Hasroun

As you can see the whole area is lit in the most simple type of decoration, yet gives the village a beautiful feel when entering it. Not only do they add these light snakes on door entrances, but balconies, fences, and windows were added to the festive season, depicting a different  outlook on the whole area.

If you’re ever around Lebanon around the festive season, I say Hasroun is a must see at night, walk or drive through, to get the ultimate experience, as well of course as Hadath el Jebbe, as depicited in my previous post, On the road to Arez.

Cheers from between the arms of Alexa storm.


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