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Building… down!

Now as most of you know, lebanon had this non stop habit of tearing down all buildings pre-war (in talking about the civil war here) to make more livable complexes to rent out for crazy prices.

Unfortunately it means tearing down our country’s heritage, but hey, Lebanese always go for money before beauty. So here you have it!

Building… down!

Now the funny part about this post, as most of you might have noticed while walking through the streets of beirut, most buildings are stuck together, to avoid lost space (aka build as much as possible).

So not too long ago, an old rosary style building was torn down in the down town area of beirut.
Sad but true, but still non the less makes it hilarious from the mark it left.


Any comments?
I simply found it hilarious, and I have to mention, karma can be quite hilarious sometimes ūüėČ


Cedars of God, Reloaded

So after all the problems that have taken place a couple of months ago, the amphitheatre built for G.T’s son’s wedding has finally been destroyed. it unfortunately took too long for the Lebanese people to notice and do something about the problem.


The only reason why Bcharre, as well as NGOs and the Lebanese Cedar Committee agreed on the construction of the amphitheatre in the first place was after reassurance from G.T that no cedar trees whatsoever will be harmed in the process of construction, as well as the assurance that once the wedding be done, the runway shall be removed and the place brought back to its original face.



Three crimes took place during the construction of this place. For starters, cement was poured all over the area to make the runway, unfortunately that means that all pores of the land will be closed, making it impossible for Cedar trees to recieve water from rain, as well as extract the nutrients it needs for its survival.

The second was the fact that even after the wedding, G.T decided not to remove the runway, saying it might have other uses later for concerts and whatsuch, which is obviously going against the terms of a contract that he had previously agreed to; to make his point valuable he even used his influence over the people of Bcharre and his previous lawmaker image to protest the removal of his “art piece” for a better future.



But these two crimes are nothing compared to the third one, sometimes they say pictures speak louder than words, so look for yourself dear friends, this is what G.T did:


Nearly 200 cedar seedlings were ripped out of the ground and hidden between rocks and under cement plastered areas in an attempt to hide this crime committed towards a helpless and endangered species of plant here in Lebanon. Shame on those who hurt any living creature for their own pleasure.

Finally our (people for the protection of the Cedars) prayers have been answered! On October 30th, the whole runway was destroyed, bulldozed back to its original form, unfortunately leaving blocks of broken cement where agricultural soil used to be, leaving the earth tired and unfruitful. But the Cedars were finally able to breathe easily once again, knowing that the threat was removed, unfortunately it paid heavily the price of loosing 200 of its children in the process.



On a better note, Cedar committees all over have been joining efforts in reforesting all Lebanese mountains with its original Cedrus Libani, planning to join the forests of Tannourine, with those of Ehden and Bcharre. This 20 year project started on November 2nd in Hadchit. Villagers, Ngos, and volunteers, with the help of NGOs as well as funding and contributions from big scale companies such as Holcim will be working on making Lebanon once again the Land of the Cedars.


Looking forward for a greener, more cedar full Lebanon that I’ve been reading about growing up. Simply press reload and I will hopefully be able to see a Cedar on the Lebanese flag once again.

For further reading about the Cedars of Lebanon you can follow the Facebook group “The Friends of the Cedar Forest Committee – Bcharre”.¬†


Save My Home!

So I was checking some Facebook posts earlier when I came across this article that one of my friends had reposted, and it shocked me.
I didn’t even know this country could still shock me this much but it has, and has once again, failed me in so many ways.
Now don’t get me wrong, it is still and will always be my home and the place I love more than anything, but I’m not sure how much my ego can handle in let downs.

This article portraits once again an act of eco-friendly harm, even without being just about that, but more about the rich history of Lebanon. [link: October 25.]
This country has seen so many civilizations that I believe even historians might get confused in; these civilizations go back to thousands of years, and yet we still find rests of each in our everyday life, such as speaking 3 languages since birth, having bits of traditions that have evolved but started during the Ottomans or Byzantine times. We have always had this richness we were once so proud of, to say that we are all the world living on a tiny piece of heaven, each come from a different end, but sharing and caring, saying we are purely 100% Lebanese and being proud of it!

But, then again, look at what we do now, we try to copy other more “civilized” countries yet we destroy our heritage in the process. This article shows how blind we have grown to become, how sinful (if you want to recognize them as mystical and religious; I prefer to recognize them as respect of Humans all together, regardless of any stereotypes, and including nature, the ecosystem that protects us for the survival of an intelligent species) we have grown to be. Our wrath has been proven in our endless wars, our hate of each other. Our greed, lust and gluttony is all over the newspapers, in our everyday actions. Our lust and envy has been thought to us since childhood. We live and survive through these¬†deadly sins and wouldn’t know how else to live.

Through all the wars we have been through we have seen so much of our heritage being destroyed in front of our eyes and cried for their sake, we have stood up in midst of the ashes trying to save them; so what do we do? we destroy them in the blink of an eye for the sake of “progress”. Our ego pushes us to overtake nature by all means, we enjoy these destructions, and will probably never learn from our own mistakes.

Why don’t we get more tourists to Lebanon you may ask, but the answer is simple, there is nothing left to look at.

Still hoping for a better future tho.


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