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Drunk dogs?!

So I was sitting at this bar the other day called Torino in gemmayze, beirut.

An extremely friendly bar if you ask me, and a side that I love about it, apart from opening up at 10am, is that it’s also dog friendly.

Now a thing to know about dogs, they don’t like alcohol, (at least not the alcoholic ones); so it’s never a good idea to be drunk, cuddle that dog, and spray the dog with your drink: it most probably will attack, however trained it is. After all we all know that dogs have an extremely sensible sense of smell; imagine how annoying it must feel to them.

So of course, that guy, even though having two dogs at home, got attacked.
People decide that all dogs are trained the same way to react the same way. But they most definitely are not, each copies their parent owner, and in some ways have their basic instict still leading them; especially at a young age.

Same goes for humans in some way, though we always tend to ignore that, we prefer to think that all react like humans, aka us, but that theory has been proved wrong over the years. We say yeah but eventually each develops their own personality, we are not submissive like dogs.

I fully agree with that theory, but here’s an idea that I will let ponder in your head: what about suicide bombers and sheep that follow a political or religious party that requires them to kill not the same?


Save My Home!

So I was checking some Facebook posts earlier when I came across this article that one of my friends had reposted, and it shocked me.
I didn’t even know this country could still shock me this much but it has, and has once again, failed me in so many ways.
Now don’t get me wrong, it is still and will always be my home and the place I love more than anything, but I’m not sure how much my ego can handle in let downs.

This article portraits once again an act of eco-friendly harm, even without being just about that, but more about the rich history of Lebanon. [link: October 25.]
This country has seen so many civilizations that I believe even historians might get confused in; these civilizations go back to thousands of years, and yet we still find rests of each in our everyday life, such as speaking 3 languages since birth, having bits of traditions that have evolved but started during the Ottomans or Byzantine times. We have always had this richness we were once so proud of, to say that we are all the world living on a tiny piece of heaven, each come from a different end, but sharing and caring, saying we are purely 100% Lebanese and being proud of it!

But, then again, look at what we do now, we try to copy other more “civilized” countries yet we destroy our heritage in the process. This article shows how blind we have grown to become, how sinful (if you want to recognize them as mystical and religious; I prefer to recognize them as respect of Humans all together, regardless of any stereotypes, and including nature, the ecosystem that protects us for the survival of an intelligent species) we have grown to be. Our wrath has been proven in our endless wars, our hate of each other. Our greed, lust and gluttony is all over the newspapers, in our everyday actions. Our lust and envy has been thought to us since childhood. We live and survive through these deadly sins and wouldn’t know how else to live.

Through all the wars we have been through we have seen so much of our heritage being destroyed in front of our eyes and cried for their sake, we have stood up in midst of the ashes trying to save them; so what do we do? we destroy them in the blink of an eye for the sake of “progress”. Our ego pushes us to overtake nature by all means, we enjoy these destructions, and will probably never learn from our own mistakes.

Why don’t we get more tourists to Lebanon you may ask, but the answer is simple, there is nothing left to look at.

Still hoping for a better future tho.


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