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Celluon, good or bad?

I personally didn’t try this new technology, but I’ve done quite some extensive research about it when I first heard word that a laser projection keyboard exists. Oh boy! Technological advancements do happen real fast!

So for those who don’t know of or never heard of Celluon’s Epic, here is a short overview: (


I know what you’re thinking right now: when can I buy it? How much does it cost? I want one! Awesome innovation! But heed some warnings, the product is unfortunately not 100% effective.
You can read about its liability in Gizmag’s review: where the product’s advantages and disadvantages are clearly pointed out by someone that has tried the product himself.

So why talk about a product that’s not so efficient and perfect?

It scares me! Yes I’m being serious; it scares me to the bones.

Why? Because imagine what such a product would do in Lebanon. We already have multiple car accidents due to people messaging while driving; imagine them being able to project a keyboard to make it “easier” for them to focus on the driving instead of focusing on a tiny touch keyboard on their phones. Do you think that will help focus their driving more or mess it up more (if that’s even still possible)?

I’m not saying it doesn’t have good features; it can help elder people or crowds with bad eyesight to be able to use it. It will also help you and others keep your phone/tablet or pc on-screen keyboards clean from oil, food products etc by typing on a table or a sheet of paper with no direct contact, as well as help you type faster for long essays, conversations or work related mails.

Watch: to see how the product works exactly.

In a small statistic I was able to conduct on 40 people (random ages, sex, race, background) 12 agreed that this product will probably endanger the Lebanese community drivers even more, whereas the rest thought it would definitely be safer. 37 would definitely buy it even though it is not 100% effective while 2 said they would wait for the next/better version of the product to be released, and only 1 said it would be useless since he/she doesn’t use their phone to type that much.

Now I know it’s a small statistic, but the fact that more than half of the people interviewed saw no danger in using a projection keyboard while driving worries me.
I am aware that other countries have a strict policy of no messaging and talking on the phone while driving, so the danger is futile for them, but in Lebanon, with our policies (review my previous posts: “I see civilized people!” And “I also like to live dangerously”), it could increase the toll of accidents by quite a high (hopefully not) percentage.

So what do you think? Good technology or Bad idea?


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