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#nofilter ?

To tell you personally, I enjoy the filters you can add to some pictures to make them look better, point out something in them, or just for fooling around. What I don’t get is the #nofilter part of it. If you were going to post a picture with no filter, then why not just post it on your Facebook as is, I’m not sure how interested I am with the whole hashtag thing (and to tell you honestly I don’t even know how or when to use them).


Cyanide and happiness insta gram

I’m not of the “old generation” that “doesn’t understand technology”; I’m a 25 year old woman that is trying to keep up with the new ways of technology; and it’s hard to keep up when things keep changing on the daily. So forgive my awkwardness with “new” stuff.

That being said, let’s go back to #nofilter and hashtags in general. I see pictures being posted with hashtags that are confusing, illogical, and covering a whole page, instead of a simple explanation.

For example look at this first post, it’s simple and straight to the point, no hashtags needed, and no more explanation needed either.


Guy obviously needs glasses

But what about this one? The first explanation was clear enough, but the hashtags don’t make much sense, at least to me; what’s tbt, jj, and igers? And what does food have to to with the picture? I’m not exactly sure; unless it’s the bag he’s holding on his lap; but then what about the girl? No girl here (I’m not blind am I?)


Why not #motorcycle?

Let’s switch to another picture, people posting pictures of what they will eat in a few seconds; not sure why that would be so interesting to keep posting about unless you’re a chef showing off the fruit of your labor (unless they want us to guess the color of their poop later; I think it’s pretty useless).


#foodporn actually exists?

Now I get it, sometimes it looks too good to ignore, so please help me understand the hashtags (do these even exist?) #umnumnum? I know it’s a sound people sometimes do when eating or getting ready to dig in, but I don’t see how that helps us understand the picture exactly.


I'm confused, umnumnum?

Now I might need a bit of help with this one. I get most of the tags, but what I earth does earned not given and playerism (is that even a word?) With a cap have to do with it? I get the cap part, but the rest is too confusing for me.


Why not simply fun night out, got too wasted, the end?

But then again, I am slow with technology, though this last one I want to show you is the most hair-tearing one I got to see and try to read.

#delaying8morehourstheplane; #raped; #indaface?? Not sure how to understand this or react to it. The guy is obviously bored at work so he took a selfie, but what does the plane and being raped in the face have to do with that I am not entirely sure.


You wanna get raped in the face?

But hey! Maybe I’m just too old fashioned to understand these concepts, I’m not trying to overrule them entirely from my life, I’m simply trying to understand. Help anyone?



New toys

It’s amazing how fast new applications spread all over the internet and cellular phones.
I remember when Bbm first started, no one had heard of it, but Whatsapp existed in iPhones only; so people started buying blackberry phones so they could use this application. When we were able to download Whatsapp on all types of phones Bb messaging became a bit useless, so people moved on and followed the trend.
Now Bbm is back for all phones, and most people, even those that already have their friends on Whatsapp are downloading it just to follow the in-crowd. Will it ever stop; I wonder.

Now to game applications, I remember back when Snake was the biggest hit, then came Temple Run and all touch-screen games. When Candy Crush was first made no one was playing it unless they knew a friend that had it, so they developed it to fit on facebook, make sure you need to have your friends play as well to get past levels, and all of a sudden everyone is playing it.


What about instagram? I’m not sure if any other picture enhancement application has been developed but the way it spread was the scariest, suddenly people decided they can take “pro” pictures by simply instagram-ming them and sharing.


I studied Photography for a year in College and have friends that actually work for hours just to get a perfect picture. Is this trend going to erase the actual photography masters? I hope not!

How about this newly found, simple to use by everyone comic strip BitStrip? I tried to ignore it for a few days, but it just took over my facebook homepage; and honestly it is fun, but kind of reminds me of ICQ chat rooms where we used to send: *toutsi pushes lenny*, *mark cuddles toutsi* etc Any of you remember these? They used to exist before emoticons took over our messaging systems. Now BitStrips got them back in a more graphical way.


Unfortunately people started using them as status for Facebook. I think it sometimes gets dumb, and hopefully will eventually die out and stick around simply for events and interesting stuff.


It’s pretty amazing how new toys can become so trendy so fast, simply to be able to say, yeah I got it too, aren’t I cool?


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