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Gemetrically random

I notice a mix,
two opposites attracting, dancing in the wind,
a mix of colors,
which one do you think, will take over the other?


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A narrow path,
A trail of trees,
Leads to nowhere,
Or maybe somewhere.



Beneath me how the beauties of life
And the sins of man.


ducks in pond

A simple day,
With No plan at all,
Floating around,
Like ducks in fall.


Great news

Unfortunately, as you might have noticed I’ve been MIA for a couple of days, no worries, I was simply in Madrid watching my brother’s graduation from IE university for his MBA.

Posts about a couple of things I noticed there will come in soon, meanwhile sleeping on a couch, partying all night and walking around all day only managed to leave me with a strong cold.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and preparing for an amazing new year.


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