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Smartass or not so smart?

Being born and raised in Lebanon, I learnt that nothing stays safe unless you keep an eye on it or make sure it can’t be stolen, from pens to lighters all the way to bigger objects such as motorbikes and cars.

For the bigger objects, thieves usually carry them out of the place before figuring out how to use them or unlock them. Take for example a motorbike, whether it be a vespa or a heavy Harley, most bikes have a switch to lock the front wheel so the robber wouldn’t be able to roll it away.

Another thing that most people use is a rope padlock to make sure the wheel can’t be rolled down on a street or any other way; so most people, especially those that have those small vespas (which account for more than cars in Beirut) use the padlock on a ring fixed to the ground, or any other object to make sure no one would walk by and carry it away.

So walking around bliss street the other day I had to stop in my footsteps and walk back to make sure I got this picture of an extremely smart Lebanese man’s vespa, which is parked in front of AUH.


Pretty easy to carry away don’t you think?

I might be a bit bias but I’m not exactly sure how this guy’s logic works. And found it too funny not to share.

Have a great weekend!


It’s all about the bar

Here is a useless post but still fun to read.

Point 1: what is the strangest things you’ve found in a bar? The best object I found was this kinder surprise game:

Point 2: bartenders teach us the best drinking tricks to use during Oktober fest: how to shug a beer in 5 seconds:

– First find a bending straw

– Place the straw through the beer bottle

– Bend the other side upwards

– Shug it all in

Point 3: drinking tricks: you’re broke but still want to manage to get a few free shots? Easy! Go to the closest bar where few people are sitting at the bar, offer them to play a game, looser buys a shot to the winner (beware, some people might know the tricks)

– Adding a line: here is the equation: 4+4=444, add a line to make it equal (it might look real simple now, but people under the influence of alcohol don’t usually go for the obvious), the answer is 444=444

– Coin games: get 4 coins of the same size and put them in this position: gamer has to get them in a straight line by only using 4 moves; rule is, when you move one it should touch 2 others. Here is a video of how to do it.

– Cutting a lemon with a cigarette (I’m not sure where this started, but people say from jail, others say from bartenders, I think in either case it is pretty cool) Here is a cool video I found explaining it (is much better than mine so hey)

Point 4: watching a drunken bartender (you know he’s drunk, you just offered him a couple of shots with you) flipping bottles behind the bar. Most people think its show-off (which it obviously is) but some enjoy watching it while others get annoyed by it. Those who get annoyed are probably the ones waiting for their drinks that have been delayed due to the show. But here is my question to you: have you ever been able to do what they can? I’ve tried countless times, and can barely save a bottle or two from crashing to the ground. It is an art! Watch bartender Diego flipping and flaring.

Point 5: drinking alone will never be drinking alone if you’re sitting at the bar; bartenders will make sure to give time to listen to you, joke around and share some interesting stuff to keep you from drowning.

Point 6: bartenders are sometimes hot!

Point 7: reading stuff about bartenders and bars makes you feel like having a beer right now (which I will probably do as soon as I publish this post)

Point 8: I’m not sure what it is but bars are the best thing ever!

Point 9: if the glass is on the drafts handle, do not panic! Bottles still exists, you’ll get your supply of beer soon!



Confessions of a -might be- hoarder

If you ever see my room, you might say I’m a hoarder, or :”cooool!” Like most of my friends react. I prefer referring to it as my caverne d’Ali Baba; for those not familiar with the casern, here is a short resume of the story of Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves Where Ali Baba finds a cavern full of riches and gold; and soon finds that only he knows its location and how to open it.


I’ve been collecting random items over the years, reusing some for crafts and others as display, some that I simply keep close by till I figure out a way to use them; while others I use a couple of times a year during Halloween and masked parties.


A couple of days ago a friend came into my room for the first time and pointed out pretty bluntly that I am a hoarder, not an avid collector, like I usually refer to myself as being.
So I decided to research hoarding; one of the worst or best mistakes of my life, I am not entirely sure yet.

I have to confess, I think I am a hoarder; after reading the first symptoms of a hoarder, I’ve been convinced.


I openly admit to doing four of these symptoms; I collect pieces of articles from newspapers that I find interesting to keep,  believing I might want to re-read them later in life. 
I definitely collect useless objects such as broken keys, beer bottle caps, and toilet paper cartons that I sometimes use for crafts (didn’t find a use for the keys yet, so if you have any ideas please share).


I even collect broken stuff that I might one day use such as broken umbrella parts; though I do regret having gotten rid of these on my mum’s account, since I desperately needed them a little while later and had to instead go buy metal rods for an art project.

Reading more about this article, and starting to seriously worry about my sanity, I found my mum included in hoarders, as a book hoarder; it prefectly describes her actions (Mum if you’re reading this I think we might have a serious problem).


She’s been collecting newspapers, me and my siblings high schools books and notepads as well as post-its, and childhood doodles.

But; Thank god for that but; I have also noticed that neither me nor her have any of the problems stated to be typical of hoarders;


(Except for the endless arguments; but that’s typical of any family living under one roof). So how did we survive? I think it was my mum’s OCD in tidiness as well as my OCD in counting and arranging that has saved us from drifting down the deep end of hoarders.

What do you think? Should I be considered as a hoarder or as a weird avid collector?


Pub vs Club toilets

Now I know this might be a weird subject, but I think someone should point it out eventually.
If you’ve ever been to lebanon you would’ve probably seen the difference between the two. As well as the difference between a “fancy” club and a normal one.

Now let’s explain a normal pub’s toilet. Most probably shared, one cubicle, small, and sometimes dark; but these are the best during happy hour since both parties sharing it will be conscious of themselves, and the fact that it is shared. On the other hand, once the party gets rougher, so does the aiming; I would advise to be careful where you put your feet and hands.

A little bigger pub, or more referred to as a bar, where more people can fit usually has 2 cubicles, one for each party; the female side is usually cleaner when it comes to aiming issues, unfortunately as the night develops you might find smells of puke around this area. As for the male’s toilet, the aiming goes from bad to worse, but with a distinct smell of only pee. In this case I’m not sure which is better to use.

Now on to clubs. Big, dark, underground, coke free, but good music to drum your ears kind of club. That’s where toilets are clearly defined and divided. Female cubicles have a huge mirror for makeup and hair checking, where you might find white powder on small shelves and a arm rest to put your phone on while attending to your business. Those are the scary toilets I find. Where you must expect to find anything and everything; from passed out girls to couples having sex, pucking girls and those taking pills or sniffing. As for the male toilets; they are more or less the same, except for the fact that no guy is passed out, but you can hear them endlessly and loudly bragging about everything and nothing; and this is the place to find a fight always starting.

Finally and most importantly, “fancy” club’s toilets. Now those are the most interesting I find, just last night I noticed how fun these are. The female version comes with a hostess, endless mirrors and light, and even free tampons on a shelf. Walking in there was like a trip to a beauty salon, some were fixing their makeup, one even pulled out a can of hair spray out of her tiny purse to fix her hair. Waiting in line for my turn to one of the 9 cubicles, I noticed two weren’t going out, and that’s when I heard the faint sound of polite pucking in classy places, I didn’t even know it could be so silent and ungross (I’m not sure that word even exists but I honestly haveno idea how to explain it exactly) at 2am, but I guess that’s what you learn how to do in such fancy places. Now the male’s toilets are more fun, my friend had to recount for me his experience so I could explain it since security guys stayed at the entrance of each party to make sure only females used their toilets while only males used theirs. I was quite surprised when I heard that aiming was better in their area, but the bragging kept going in more forms of richeness, where the car you were driving, the money you were pouring at the party, and your date’s beauty were more important than the rest.
Now the most important thing in both toilets at fancy places is the fact that your host/hostess will make sure to hand you tissues right after cleaning your hands, or a cotton to fix your makeup, and even hold your hair in cases of solo pucking. Some clubs even had more hostesses to clean up the cubicle as soon as you went out and before the next person would go in to make sure all was good and safe for you to go in.

Now I’m not sure which I’m more comfortable in, but I find it amazing how shared simple small cubicles can make me feel better than show off ones.


first blog

Since this is my first blog please excuse the boredom. 


I’ve been reading different blogs all over Facebook with mentions over Twitter and thought why not join the social community of sharing. 

Personally I find it weird to write what I’m thinking. But I hope I’ll have some interesting topic soon to post about such as some I’ve been reading. 

The focus of my blog would be on random stuff people do sometimes without knowing why. As well as lebanon, not politics, more of a culture, a landscape, and a way of life. 

Cheers. T


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