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A good day

It has been raining for 3 days now and the snow started stacking up on the mountains in Lebanon. Finally!


March 15 and they were finally able to open the slopes and provide us poor souls with a bit of wintery feel.
Saturday morning, 8am, the slopes are clear and glowing white, though we can still see high rocks peeking through the snow, where the wind blew off the silver and stacked it at the bottom of the hills. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and I’m in skis.


48 rounds and 5 hours later I was sweating, my knees were on fire, and my hands were numb. So I go to sit at the terrasse and have a cold beer while soaking in the sun, everyone’s here; I haven’t seen them since last winter, and the lack of snow made many of them avoid the area to avoid the heartache of finding the slopes brown; everyone is smiling, we are happy.
Later on I head back to the chalet for a well deserved lunch, then get my snowshoes on, meet up with some friends, and go hiking up into the Cedar forest.


The snow lays heavy at our feet and on the branches of the Cedar trees, the silence engulfs us and takes us to different heights.


The sun is strong and the snow is melting now, it’s 5pm and the branches are weeping a steady song, we keep going and observing, taking in all the beauty surrounding us; we don’t speak, and rarely make a sound, we keep our ears and eyes open to watch the trees push off the snow from their branches into a misty fog, making our hearts leap whenever it’s too close, fearing but wanting it to drop over our heads.


The snow gets heavier and the sun starts setting in the distance.
The pink light takes over the silver white and darkness starts creeping around us. Our feet are frozen, our muscles are burning, our head feels light; yet we keep smiling and going on.


We reach the road and civilization, walk back to the chalet and sit down for some warm soup.
Today was a great day, a perfect dream, yet our feet remember it was true.



Remove the ice,
Pull up the chair,
I am ready,
To take you up there.


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To ski or to snowboard

That is the most important question sometimes, when you’re newly introduced to the snow world and get bit by the monster of gliding on the slopes.

A friend of mine N.A recently learnt how to snowboard, (let’s just say he managed to get to the bottom of the slope unharmed), but is naturally more stable on skis; so his big question a couple of weeks ago was: which should I buy for the coming season? A ski or a snowboard?
Then he presented his choices in a different way saying skiers are the classics, they’re the squares, while snowboarders are the greasers of the slopes.

Honestly? I never even thought of it that way, I’ve been skiing most of my life until my accident, when I had to learn snowboarding to keep both knees stable, so I spent quite a few years shifting between the two, sometimes on a daily basis, which ended in me not being able to snowboard anymore due to the pressure exerted on my knees while snowboarding; so now I’m back to skiing only.
After the 2010 ski competition, Cedars, Lebanon.

For both sports there are rules, one flows a bit more than the other, but they both have a system to go through to get to the end of the slope, whether it be a slalom, jumps, hors-piste, or inside the boundaries, we all need to have stability, be able to turn and stop, and of course the most important being, to enjoy it to the maximum.
M.BC  back-flipping winter 2009, Cedars, Lebanon

Each morning I pick my snowboard or ski up depending on the snow, on the mood, on the activities that will take place, and of course on the weather.
Now I know snowboarders wear those baggy outfits, while skiers go for tighter clothing; which might explain my N.A’s links between the board with greasers, and the skis with squares. So I guess I’m in between, having a half baggy, half tight outfit.

But thinking about it a bit more, I was taught how to ski at the young age of 3 (like most Lebanese living in Bcharre), it was never a choice for me which sport I should choose to define me; I don’t mind doing either, and I enjoy doing both as well.

But if I were asked today, having never learnt how to ski or snowboard, which I would want to learn; I’m not sure what my answer might be.

Being so intimately linked to both sports, I wouldn’t want to know one without the other.

So I guess all I can tell you dear N.A is: don’t buy either, but learn both for now, and next season you will be able to make your own choice. T.

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