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Up and Down

The fog goes up,
The clouds reach down,
Then they touch…
And you freak out.


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To ski or to snowboard

That is the most important question sometimes, when you’re newly introduced to the snow world and get bit by the monster of gliding on the slopes.

A friend of mine N.A recently learnt how to snowboard, (let’s just say he managed to get to the bottom of the slope unharmed), but is naturally more stable on skis; so his big question a couple of weeks ago was: which should I buy for the coming season? A ski or a snowboard?
Then he presented his choices in a different way saying skiers are the classics, they’re the squares, while snowboarders are the greasers of the slopes.

Honestly? I never even thought of it that way, I’ve been skiing most of my life until my accident, when I had to learn snowboarding to keep both knees stable, so I spent quite a few years shifting between the two, sometimes on a daily basis, which ended in me not being able to snowboard anymore due to the pressure exerted on my knees while snowboarding; so now I’m back to skiing only.
After the 2010 ski competition, Cedars, Lebanon.

For both sports there are rules, one flows a bit more than the other, but they both have a system to go through to get to the end of the slope, whether it be a slalom, jumps, hors-piste, or inside the boundaries, we all need to have stability, be able to turn and stop, and of course the most important being, to enjoy it to the maximum.
M.BC  back-flipping winter 2009, Cedars, Lebanon

Each morning I pick my snowboard or ski up depending on the snow, on the mood, on the activities that will take place, and of course on the weather.
Now I know snowboarders wear those baggy outfits, while skiers go for tighter clothing; which might explain my N.A’s links between the board with greasers, and the skis with squares. So I guess I’m in between, having a half baggy, half tight outfit.

But thinking about it a bit more, I was taught how to ski at the young age of 3 (like most Lebanese living in Bcharre), it was never a choice for me which sport I should choose to define me; I don’t mind doing either, and I enjoy doing both as well.

But if I were asked today, having never learnt how to ski or snowboard, which I would want to learn; I’m not sure what my answer might be.

Being so intimately linked to both sports, I wouldn’t want to know one without the other.

So I guess all I can tell you dear N.A is: don’t buy either, but learn both for now, and next season you will be able to make your own choice. T.

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