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#nofilter ?

To tell you personally, I enjoy the filters you can add to some pictures to make them look better, point out something in them, or just for fooling around. What I don’t get is the #nofilter part of it. If you were going to post a picture with no filter, then why not just post it on your Facebook as is, I’m not sure how interested I am with the whole hashtag thing (and to tell you honestly I don’t even know how or when to use them).


Cyanide and happiness insta gram

I’m not of the “old generation” that “doesn’t understand technology”; I’m a 25 year old woman that is trying to keep up with the new ways of technology; and it’s hard to keep up when things keep changing on the daily. So forgive my awkwardness with “new” stuff.

That being said, let’s go back to #nofilter and hashtags in general. I see pictures being posted with hashtags that are confusing, illogical, and covering a whole page, instead of a simple explanation.

For example look at this first post, it’s simple and straight to the point, no hashtags needed, and no more explanation needed either.


Guy obviously needs glasses

But what about this one? The first explanation was clear enough, but the hashtags don’t make much sense, at least to me; what’s tbt, jj, and igers? And what does food have to to with the picture? I’m not exactly sure; unless it’s the bag he’s holding on his lap; but then what about the girl? No girl here (I’m not blind am I?)


Why not #motorcycle?

Let’s switch to another picture, people posting pictures of what they will eat in a few seconds; not sure why that would be so interesting to keep posting about unless you’re a chef showing off the fruit of your labor (unless they want us to guess the color of their poop later; I think it’s pretty useless).


#foodporn actually exists?

Now I get it, sometimes it looks too good to ignore, so please help me understand the hashtags (do these even exist?) #umnumnum? I know it’s a sound people sometimes do when eating or getting ready to dig in, but I don’t see how that helps us understand the picture exactly.


I'm confused, umnumnum?

Now I might need a bit of help with this one. I get most of the tags, but what I earth does earned not given and playerism (is that even a word?) With a cap have to do with it? I get the cap part, but the rest is too confusing for me.


Why not simply fun night out, got too wasted, the end?

But then again, I am slow with technology, though this last one I want to show you is the most hair-tearing one I got to see and try to read.

#delaying8morehourstheplane; #raped; #indaface?? Not sure how to understand this or react to it. The guy is obviously bored at work so he took a selfie, but what does the plane and being raped in the face have to do with that I am not entirely sure.


You wanna get raped in the face?

But hey! Maybe I’m just too old fashioned to understand these concepts, I’m not trying to overrule them entirely from my life, I’m simply trying to understand. Help anyone?


Celluon, good or bad?

I personally didn’t try this new technology, but I’ve done quite some extensive research about it when I first heard word that a laser projection keyboard exists. Oh boy! Technological advancements do happen real fast!

So for those who don’t know of or never heard of Celluon’s Epic, here is a short overview: (


I know what you’re thinking right now: when can I buy it? How much does it cost? I want one! Awesome innovation! But heed some warnings, the product is unfortunately not 100% effective.
You can read about its liability in Gizmag’s review: where the product’s advantages and disadvantages are clearly pointed out by someone that has tried the product himself.

So why talk about a product that’s not so efficient and perfect?

It scares me! Yes I’m being serious; it scares me to the bones.

Why? Because imagine what such a product would do in Lebanon. We already have multiple car accidents due to people messaging while driving; imagine them being able to project a keyboard to make it “easier” for them to focus on the driving instead of focusing on a tiny touch keyboard on their phones. Do you think that will help focus their driving more or mess it up more (if that’s even still possible)?

I’m not saying it doesn’t have good features; it can help elder people or crowds with bad eyesight to be able to use it. It will also help you and others keep your phone/tablet or pc on-screen keyboards clean from oil, food products etc by typing on a table or a sheet of paper with no direct contact, as well as help you type faster for long essays, conversations or work related mails.

Watch: to see how the product works exactly.

In a small statistic I was able to conduct on 40 people (random ages, sex, race, background) 12 agreed that this product will probably endanger the Lebanese community drivers even more, whereas the rest thought it would definitely be safer. 37 would definitely buy it even though it is not 100% effective while 2 said they would wait for the next/better version of the product to be released, and only 1 said it would be useless since he/she doesn’t use their phone to type that much.

Now I know it’s a small statistic, but the fact that more than half of the people interviewed saw no danger in using a projection keyboard while driving worries me.
I am aware that other countries have a strict policy of no messaging and talking on the phone while driving, so the danger is futile for them, but in Lebanon, with our policies (review my previous posts: “I see civilized people!” And “I also like to live dangerously”), it could increase the toll of accidents by quite a high (hopefully not) percentage.

So what do you think? Good technology or Bad idea?


Who you talking to?

Am I the only one who, well how do I put it lightly, feel pretty silly when using Bluetooth or earphones during phone calls?
Even watching people using it is way too funny sometimes. Now I’m not saying cellular phones are a bad invention; on the contrary it’s a great one connecting all of us together at the push of a code. But try to imagine you’re back in medieval times and suddenly you see a random guy pick up a rock or an art piece and start having a one way conversation with it. You’d say he’s crazy. We’re all born without any of these technologies but adapt to see them and use them while growing up.
So maybe it’s just the lack of habit that makes it too weird for me, but talking on a cellular phone I got used to, bluetooth headphones, nope still not used to.


Now point being done, let’s add a funny twist to it. People in public areas using earphones or bluetooth. Are you taking to me, are you talking on the phone, are you listening to music, or are you just acting busy so we won’t talk to you?

So here are two videos I’ve seen on YouTube that just made my day, one is a commercial while the other is just annoyingly hilarious:
Keystone light beer- funny commercial/blue tooth, and blue tooth man (where you can find more than one).

If you can’t see the earpiece behind the hair how silly and awkward do you feel when you start replying then realise they are taking on the phone?

I’ve personally been in this position more than once, technology has been developing in such a fast way that it’s hard to keep track of the advancements. Everything to accommodate the human race by making them lazier while alienating them from each other by limiting actual physical and verbal interactions with the people around you.

Him: Hey!
Me: Hey
Him: wait there is someone bugging in on our conversation. To me: do you mind? I’m on the phone!
*him shows me the blue tooth in his ear*
Me: woops! *facepalm*

Starting to get tired of this, the loss of human contacts and it’s development. (Refer to my previous post :bbm vs. whatsapp, to read more).


Bbm Vs Whatsapp… or the loss of human contacts?

So I have to say, I don’t usually care much about such trivial matters, but this subject has been taking up too much space on my Facebook newsfeed, so therefore have decided to point it out and deal with it accordingly.

Whatsapp versus blackberry messaging: the epic battle of two new titans in today’s lebanese crowd (I wouldn’t say youth since all generations alike have been sparring on the battlefield).

Since Android and Apple have decided to provide their services with bbm, a lot of quarrels have risen. Part of the consumers have decided to re – embrace the bbm services while others decided it would be best to stick around to whatsapp.


At first it started with random people posting their new bb pin as a status, as well as taking screenshots (quite a normal thing is you ask me) on Facebook.
After a week or so other crowds started attacking them with sayings such as: [original] “fle2oona ba3ed bb pins PLZ, instead of evolving you go back in time” (C.A) [translated]: overwhelm us more with bb pins PLEASE”.
Others decided to make jokes out of them:


Which is the Arabic alphabet song (G.K). Even (lebanese) joke sited have joined in the battle of pushing down the spread of bb messaging addiction by posting funny pictures:



Some people’s comments were even judgemental:


I honestly don’t care if you shift back to bbm or stick to whatsapp. Last time I checked we were all born with the right to have our own preferences and make our own choices.

The bigger issue I find is the tele -communication between our peers.  Conversations have evolved a lot during the past years and centuries, they have gone from face to face, to letters being sent out, to land lines; and nowadays I rarely see a person using their phones to actually talk; messaging had taken over our lifestyle wherever we are.

Look around you in restaurants, pubs, clubs, beach, and ski slopes etc.  People are always on their phones, whether it be messaging, talking, or even playing games.



We have forgotten how to talk face to face with each other and grown shy of our thoughts, ideas, and even from sitting alone.


The fake proximity that technology provided us with has been gradually destroying our actual emotions (now replaced with emoticons), reactions (now replaces with Lol, Wtf etc), and the physical proximity of the next of kin which our ancestors have been longing for and craving in the past.

So while you’re all fighting over Bbm vs Whatsapp; this same technology that is supposed to “bring you closer together” has been pushing you further apart right under your nose; but you don’t even see it…


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